The Superior Pellet Log


Product information & lighting instructions.
About the Superior Pellet Log:
  • Each log weighs about 4lbs., is 3 inches in diameter and roughly 13 inches long. 
  • Third party test results indicate the logs average 8000 BTU per pound. 
  • Superior Pellet Logs are made of 100% compressed wood fiber and we use no additives or binding agents
  • Logs are made using a Aspen/Spruce raw material blend that is pre-dried to have a moisture level of only about 9% - 13%.  
  • Logs do expand and move while burning and consumers should use caution when loading stoves/inserts and opening/closing door.

Logs are available by the individual Bag and by the Ton at our Facility:
5 Log Bag - $4.00 each
ONE Ton - $330.00  cash/debit
                 $340.00  credit card

A ton/pallet (2000lbs) is comprised of 103 individual, 5-Log packages for a total of 515 logs.
All tons covered with a UV rated cover.
*SPF strongly recommends that you bring straps/tie-downs to secure your product for transport.


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