Our State of the Art 10,000 square foot wood pellet plant can process 12 tons of green material every hour. That will, in turn, make approximately 6 tons of pellets. With this mill, the pellet-making process is almost self-sufficient, requiring just over a dozen people to keep it running smoothly.



The raw material begins in the Reclaim Feeder where it begins to move its way through the system. The Reclaim Feeder regulates the amount of material fed to the conveyors. The First Conveyor moves the raw material from the Reclaim Feeder to the Hammer Mill. The Hammer Hog is the first Hammer Mill. It grinds material from up to chord wood size down to less than one inch in diameter.




The Second Conveyor moves the raw material from the first Hammer Mill to the Second Hammer Mill. 

The Second Hammer Mill grinds the material from the First Hammer Mill down to 1/2" in diameter 

and is ready to be introduced to the dryer.




The Material Cyclone pulls the raw material from the Second Hammer Mill and separates the air from the raw material. The raw material is stored in a bin that feeds into the dryer system. The Burner is a 24 million BTU burner. We screen all of our finished product and the material that does not meet our quality specifications cycles back to a storage bin and is fed to the burner as the primary fuel for drying the raw materials. The secondary fuel for this is propane, which operates as an igniter fuel and pilot light.




Our Dryer System uses a rotary drum dryer manufactured by Solagen, Inc. It is capable of drying up to 14 tons of green material every hour. Once the product is dried it is transported back into the building. It is fed into the prebin which dispurses the dried raw material to the two pellet mills. The pellet mills are manufactured by Buhler. They are each capable of producing 3-4 tons of pellets per hour.



The material travels through a drag conveyor and elevator to the cooler. 

Air moves through the cooler in order to cool down the product from the pellet mills. 

Once the product is below 100 degrees Fahrenheit, it is released from the cooler.



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