Superior Pellet Fuels, LLC is an Alaska based company created exclusively to manufacture wood pellets utilizing locally available raw materials. All product is consumed in the state of Alaska. Owners, Deb and Dale Rich understand the importance of having a clean fuel source available to Alaskans, especially for areas of the state struggling to meet federally mandated air quality standards. Of equal importance is the fact that the money families pay for heating fuel with Superior Pellet Fuels will stay in Alaska rather than going out of state.  The pellet mill will utilize wood waste streams from local sawmills, land clearing projects, and fire breaks set by forest management in the state as the primary raw material supply. This not only allows for use of raw materials to create an economical fuel source, it also puts money in the state’s coffers and encourages additional development in the timber industry.

If you would like to have more information on using Superior Pellet Fuels to heat your facility or home, give us a call or schedule to stop by and talk with us. We would welcome the opportunity to tell you more about how we can take the worry away from the ever increasing cost of heating your home with bio-fuels. We invite you to plan now for the heating season and better manage your heating costs by switching to Superior Pellet Fuels.

We are located between Fairbanks and North Pole. To visit us, turn right onto the first Badger Road exit, take an immediate right onto Frontage Road, turn right onto Cobb Street and watch for Superior Pellet Fuels on the right.
Or call our office at 907-488-6055

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Office Hours: Monday - Friday 8am - 5:30pm
Saturday & Sunday - Closed for the Summer
Superior Pellet Fuels 
Physical: 1595 Wescott Dr.   North Pole, AK 99705
Mailing: PO Box 82876  Fairbanks, AK  99708
 (907) 488-6055